We have distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to local communities in the wake of hurricanes in Houston and southeast Texas, Wildfires in northern California and hurricanes in Florida through local churches - working to ensure that no church has to close it’s doors.

Where do we begin? 

Everywhere there’s a family and a home that needs recovery and rebuilding.  We can start anywhere and stay busy for months. But, for the greater good and greater impact…

I feel strongly to approach this process in an apostolic way focusing on two things:

  • Serve as a conduit of resources to other churches and ministries that are doing solid work.

Samaritan’s Purse, Convoy of Hope, and other trusted recovery ministries are connected with us and already on-site. We can function as a bridge – connecting them to other churches.

We have secured warehouses to receive nonperishable items and equipment for the RECOVERY and REBUILD phases.We are a distribution center to churches all over the city and on the Gulf Coast.

  • Ensure every pastor who suffered damage is back on his feet and in his home ASAP.

We can have a greater impact in the community by restoring the pastors’ personal lives.  

Save a pastor – save a church

Save a church – save a community.