Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered...

Dr. Mike Hayes and Churches In Covenant International - a network of churches and ministries - are responding to help those victims of recent natural disasters in a uniquely powerful way - by helping PASTORS. is an organization of dozens of ministries and churches who understand the significance of getting pastors on their feet immediately following a disaster.  Churches from non-affected areas have given and pledged nearly 1 million dollars for aiding local affected communities through local churches.

Churches have always been a type of ‘first responders’ to communities in crisis.  From practical needs being met through humanitarian aid to spiritual support through counseling and grief recovery, churches are anchors and touchpoint in a community.  If the pastor of one of these vital outposts suffers devastation, he or she is unable to properly lead their church to respond.  If the church isn’t able to respond quickly and fully, then the community suffers.


After Hurricane Katrina, 40% of the churches in New Orleans never re-opened - with long term negative consequences. This must never happen again!

~ Pastor Dino Rizzo, ARC Churches



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